Step 1: Treat your child to his/her own “baby spoon”. Remember, metal spoons can hurt their sensitive gums, so opt for a soft-tipped spoon. If they have a favorite animal or color, buy a creative spoon that suits their liking.

Step 2: First, gently guide their hand to hold the spoon. Then guide their hand with the spoon to their mouth. Your toddler will now associate the spoon with the act of eating.

Step 3: Give your child a little bit of food in a bowl so they can practice how to eat with the spoon and get the hang of it. This can be food that is a bit stickier like yoghurt or cheese rather than more messy ones like cereals. You can always create your own concoction of a mix of sticky and non-messy foods.

*Parents are required to accompany their children throughout the activities