At first, your innocent child won’t necessarily understand why they can’t use pampers anymore. So training them to use the potty will have to be a fun and interesting process- one that your child will actually want to follow. It may seem difficult at first, but the following steps might help make it easier.

Step 1: Trace your child’s footprint onto colored paper or cardboard.

Step 2: Cut the footprints out and ask your child to help make them more attractive by coloring them, adding glitter to them etc.

Step 3: Ask your child to help you place the footprints on the path that leads to your child’s potty in the bathroom. So now they know where the path leads.

Step 4: Just for fun, ask your child to hop along the path! You can follow besides them. Now that your child knows the way to the bathroom they’ll have no problem telling you and asking you to go to the potty when the urge comes!

*Parents are required to accompany their children throughout the activities