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Parental Love that Helps Children Succeed in Life

Nimali Buthpitiya

In order to develop a child physically and mentally, it is essential to have parents and caregivers who provide positive responses to their needs. Concerning parents, providing such positive responses bring meaning to their parenting role and strengthen their relationship with the child.


Parents’ unconditional love is capable of equipping and energizing a child physically and mentally to succeed in life. Love and affection of parents always come into action through the warmth, comfort, care, nurturance, acceptance or simple love showed through the hugs and kisses, praises and compliments. These actions and expressions have a miraculous power to bring up a child who is happy, healthy and ready to conquer the world.

What happens in the absence of parental love?

Parents are attachment figures in children’s lives.  A responsive parent-child relationship is equally important to every child. A child’s overall emotional and psychological well-being is heavily dependent on parental love and their relationship with the child. Character and personality of a child is at risk if they do not receive the love and care they should receive from parents.
Children who are not loved by parents, or in other words, not sufficiently loved or shown love feel that they are rejected. Feeling of rejection by parents is present even if a child is provided with all physical comfort and resources which money can bring yet when there is lack or absence of parental love. This is unhealthy for children in numerous ways and it distant and weakens the relationship between children and parents. 

  • Children who grow up with such families are likely to develop psychological and physical illnesses during childhood and adulthood. 
  • It lowers their self-esteem as well as self-worth. 
  • Development of social skills is also greatly affected if children are not exposed to positive examples and modeling of social behaviors.  
  • Academic performance is another area that is negatively affected if children are not provided necessary support, love and care. 


How Parental Love Affects Children?
Research have revealed that there is a positive association between early parental love and positive outcomes in later lives of children as adults. When children receive constant love from their childhood to adulthood, it is proved that they are more likely to live happy as well as successful lives as adults. 




Quality of your relationship with the child today is an effective predictor of the quality of their future life!
Unconditional love of parents and everything else that stem from the same love such as care, provision, support and attention etc.. help children feel accepted, valued and emotionally secure. They develop better levels of self-esteem and self-worth. They develop resilience. Become achievers in academic tasks. Develop excellent social competencies and emotional regulation skills. Overall, this unconditional love of parents has a great power to develop a wholesome child through wholesome parenting!