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Articles for 3 years old

During the age of 36 – 42 months your little adventurer can ride a tricycle using pedals. Movement and balance are important skills that your child needs to develop as they grow. By 3 years of age, you’ll run out of steam running behind them all the time. They usually won’t stop running until they sleep so be prepared! During 36 – 42 months your child can hop on one foot without any support.

Child Development 3 Year

Helping your child develop social connections again

Pandemic has finally permitted to transition into our new normal lives again. Though the future is uncertain we are taking gradual steps each day to begin ...

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Say YES to play!

Concept of play was never so important to discuss with parents many years ago, since it was naturally a part of the daily life of a child. However the year...

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Non-verbal learning disorder

Learning is a continuous process that begins from the day we are born. We learn during the course of our physical development, social and emotional develop...

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