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Support and prepare your child for the new beginnings

Nimali Buthpitiya

 When your toddler reaches the exciting threshold of 4 years, he can hardly sit still, and constantly needs different ways to entertain himself. During the age of 48 – 54 months, your child is able to stand on one foot for ten seconds or longer. By the age of 54 – 60 month he can skip unevenly and run well.

At this age, your child has a basic understanding of what is right and wrong, and he still enjoys imitating what you do around the house. This is the perfect time to turn your little ball of energy into your happy, little helper. By the time your child is 48 – 54 months old, they can follow a series of two to three simple instructions.



One of the popular questions your toddler gets asked when he is meeting new people or new friends is his name. When he replies, he proudly says his name with a big smile on their face. You can now teach him to write his name. he would enjoy learning this activity and he is sure to show it off to others whenever he gets the chance. Thus, during the age of 48 – 54 months your child can write their first name.

Additionally, a four-year-old toddler has a keen sense of creativity and enjoys doing any activity that freely allows him to express all his beautiful ideas. Your little one has a wild imagination and would often think of things to draw that even you would never have thought of. He also is more aware of different parts of the body and is able to understand their uses. For an instance, the connectivity between your eyes and sight is a concept he is old enough to grasp. 

By 48 – 54 months your little artist can draw a person that has at least three to five parts including the head, face, arms, and legs and has developed the skill of cutting along the lines of a picture. As he reaches 54 – 60 months of age, your toddler is able to draw complex shapes such as triangles, recognizable pictures like flowers, dogs and cats.


As your child observes the world around him, his curiosity increases, and he would soon be able to create stories of his own and impress you with his creative storytelling skills. By the age of 48 – 54 months, your little one is able to recall stories. With the ability to speak in sentences, he can look at books and develop the skill of reading. During the age of 54 – 60 months, your child can read a few letters.

With all these developments, it is hard to believe that your little mischief maker is soon to start schooling! The days of early morning rushes to catch the school bus and making it on time is about to become familiar. At this juncture, it makes life easier for you and your little one if he can dress himself in the school uniform. By the age of 54 – 60 months, your child can close one or more buttons and dress independently.


From sleeping in your arms to running around to dressing up, your bundle of joy has come a long way. You will fondly look back at the days when all he could do was babble and indulge in baby talk. When he attends pre-school, his vocabulary and speaking skills improve vastly and he usually speaks constantly. By the age of 54 – 60 months, your little one can speak in sentences of five or more words, and with all parts of speech.

Your child is now at the curious age where he often wonders how and why things happen. he starts to have more questions than you have answers to, but he is also capable of answering questions that you ask them. During the age of 54 – 60 months your child is ready to ask deeper questions that address meaning and purpose, and they can give successful answers to questions beginning with "why".

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