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When you first give a cup to your little one, they are not going to understand the process of drinking from it; they may not even like to drink from it at all. Naturally, it takes some time for them to get used to new ways of doing things and to move away from the familiar. So don’t make them drink from the cup but simply treat it as a step-by-step graduation, making it as entertaining as possible. And trust us, you’ll have your own share of entertainment with all the mess they make!

Step 1: Begin by letting them explore and feel the cup and the liquid inside.

Step 2: Then, as you guide it to your child’s mouth, let him/her hold the cup and smell the liquid. Slowly and gently, encourage him/her to take a sip of liquid.

Step 3: Finally, help your child set the cup back down in the same place.


*Parents are required to accompany their children throughout the activities

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