Protecting your baby from a world of germs

Expert Stories | Miss Kokila Abel
Now that your little one can stand and walk on their own, they will start to explore the world around them. They will mingle with more people than ever before and therefore will be at an increased risk of catching infections and getting sick. On top of that, they are eating solid food now and they won’t necessarily eat enough of it to support their immune system with proper nutrition. As a mom, you won’t be able to stop them from catching infections, but, you can keep your child’s immune system strong and be aware of what you can do to keep them healthy. Protection that grows as your child grows. When babies are breastfed, breast milk provides protection against diseases; but now that they’re eating solid foods – your child probably says no to all the nutritious food and loves all the junk food! When your child does not get nutritious food at this stage, it can lead to weight loss and leave them susceptible to various diseases. This is why you need to make sure that your child gets healthy food that they not only enjoy but are also full of energy and full of nutrients – especially macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will help your child’s immune system stay strong! You can try foods that are less spicy and easy to chew. If the food is colorful and attractive to the eye, your little one is more likely to enjoy his/her meal. Nutritious food is the key. Very often when children don’t eat nutritious food, parents allow them to eat whatever they like. When this becomes a habit for your child, not only do they start to lose weight, but they will also start to get sick. If your child doesn’t get a diet of good nutrients, they can easily pick up germs from others and this makes them sick and causes a vicious cycle of your child being sick and losing weight. To prevent this, make sure that your child’s food is full of macro nutrients, vitamins, minerals and energy that will boost their immune system. When your baby has a strong, healthy immune system not only will they be able to fight off infections, but if they do get sick, they can recover faster and prevent the infections return in the future. Trying to feed a little child nutritious food is not an easy task – but it is the key to making sure your child stays fit and healthy!