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Happy Family Do’s

Nimali Buthpitiya

One of the most common goals of a family is to ensure that everyone is happy. But it is unbelievable at times to realize that making everyone happy is not an easy task as imagined. However, check on the following happy family do’s as I believe that they are essential for a happy journey as a family together.

Careful words

Creating a family atmosphere where everyone feel safe from emotional harm is extremely important to feel happy within the family. Words can express love, affection, respect and kindness and they have the power to transform lives!

Everyone has a role to play

In a happy family there is ‘order’, even though it sounds traditional. This means that each person in the family knows exactly where they stand and they are comfortable with it. While parents make little sacrifices to make the family happy, it is also important that they wear their kind, but firm authority whenever it is necessary.

Investing time in fun and adventure

Fun and adventure do not happen only during special vacations! As parents, purposefully allocate time to laugh together with your children, do fun and adventurous things with excitement. This does not only boost your mental and physical wellbeing, but also develop better connections with each other as a family.

There is space for adjustments

A happy family should allow flexibility in certain things. This can be viewing things differently and being able to let go of control at times with the intention of making things much better for everyone.

Being Selfless

Happy families believe in mutual support for everyone by making a purposeful choice to be actively interested in each other. This can take the form of conversations, asking questions, catching up on daily happenings during mealtimes or helping to complete some family chores. Demonstrating a special interest in your child’s daily happening will provide an example for them to do the same with you. This develops a sense of mutual care and concern that keeps both children and parents happy.

Mistakes are allowed

It is good to have expectations on children about what they can do, but it is also important to let them know that mistakes are allowed as they are the best opportunities to learn from. Therefore when they do not meet your expected standards they will not feel ashamed or threatened. Forgiveness and acceptance of mistakes should be a practice in a happy home.

Appreciate now

Children will never be as young again as they are right now. In the midst of all other important tasks and hard work, no parent should miss this magical time. Therefore, make sure that each day you stop at least once and put aside all other tasks just to watch your child dancing, to play a game, or to have a simple conversation with them. These are the moments that create your family’s happiness.

Remember! Not all days are happy family days, but we can do our best each day to make a happy family.

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