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Helps Nourish Your Child's Every Possible

What is NangrowHMO

NANGROW® HMO a specialised milk formula for children aged 1 to 5 years. NANGROW® 3 HMO is a milk formula designed for 1-3 year children and NANGROW® 4 HMO is designed for 3-5 year children.

NANGROW® HMO contains an optimized protein blend that helps to supply the right amount of protein which supports baby’s normal growth without overloading immature organs.

Nestlé NANGrow


NANGROW 3 HMO – 400g

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NANGROW 4 HMO – 400g

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NANGROW 3 HMO – 350g

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Our promise to Individuals & Families

Backed by 150 years of expertise, NANGROW® continuously pioneers innovative and science-proven nutritional solutions. NANGROW® helps parents understand how proper nutrition from the start impacts their child’s lifelong health, through tailored tools and services (such as

Our promise to The Planet;

NANGROW helps preserve the planet by having sustainable, fully recyclable packaging. NANGROW® is committed to minimize the social risk of future health issues by supporting a child’s lifelong health.

Nangrow Packing

Why Choose NangrowHMO

  • It is formulated to provide your child with the essential nutrients required to support normal growth.

  • BL naturally active probiotic culture in NANGROW HMO may help reinforce baby’s immunity.

  • Contains an optimized protein blend which supplies the right amount of protein without overloading your child's immature organs.

Nan HMO 3