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Bowl of nutrition bowl of assurance

What is

Nestle CEREGROW is the number one toddler cereal in the market that is enriched with iron, calcium, vitamin A and C. It is enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients and great taste for your little one. A bowl of CEREGROW assures dense nutrition for the small tummies of your little ones.

Our promise to Individuals & Families;

Since 1860, we have been the passionate expert in baby nutrition, combining the best in nature and nutritional science to provide babies with accessible, nutrient-rich foods they love and need at every stage of their holistic development.

Our promise to Our Communities;

Healthcare professionals can make right choices for the children under their care with scientific and factual information.

Our promise to The Planet;

We’re partnering with +20,000 families of farmers around the world to improve practices that will help set the highest quality baby standards for all our raw materials, in addition to helping preserve their land for future generations.

Why Choose

  • Nestlé CEREGROW is a product which is enriched with iron, calcium, Vitamin A &C which assist for normal growth.

  • The goodness of natural ingredient for your growing child.

  • Comes with the great taste which every child would love.